Not long ago, it felt as though the entire world stopped when in fact, 2020 proved to be a record year for the real estate industry. This year is shaping up to be even more profitable. People still buy and sell homes and commercial properties with the focus shifted to how to do that safely. COMPEL is a skin and surface cleaning product the gives you and your clients a sense of clean confidence and an assurance of safety. Whether you are staging a home or hosting an open house, your clients can feel assured they are in a clean space with the use of COMPEL. Providing the ultimate level of clean is a way for you to differentiate yourself from the multitude of people taking the opportunity to get in on the real estate boom.

The long lasting activity provided by our products saves time and money and allows everyone to feel comfortable whether selling or purchasing a home or commercial property. 


Do you want to use COMPEL in your properties and as a gift to your clients?  

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  • Quick-kill of germs that cause odors and illnesses
  • Long-lasting antimicrobial activity
  • PROVEN effective against bacterial, viral, and fungal microorganisms
  • FDA-registered, patent pending
  • Moisturizers prevent cracking of skin and surfaces
  • Safe, simple formula with all-natural ingredients
  • Color-free with no lingering odor

Check out our Science page to learn more about our unique formula.


We know just how hard it can be to keep high-touch surfaces clean.  Not only is our formula all-natural and eco-friendly, you don't have to worry about a strong chemical smell. 

COMPEL is the solution to keep your space protected.