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Hand Hygiene On-The-Go 

When hand hygiene became front page news, I was curious as to why simple soap and water worked so well. I love the complex science behind the simple habit, but was frustrated by the alternative when soap and water aren’t available. (First-hand experience because I have to walk from my office to another building to get to a bathroom or a sink!) So I was honestly surprised to learn that hand sanitizer stops working when it dries! I started researching longer-lasting options when I came across some research I had done years earlier. 

At the time, I was struggling to treat our boys who went from football season into wrestling. I know every human is a walking petri dish, but this was ridiculous.  Strep, staph, athlete’s foot, and ring worm (why modern science still allows a fungus to be named after a parasite, I do not know) plagued our household. I thought we were out of the woods when suddenly I noticed a bald spot on one of our dogs…Ring worm strikes again. Through football, wrestling, swimming, summer camp, and locker room floors, only one ingredient worked. Only one ingredient addressed both the fungal and bacterial issues. And once again, that application required a sink.

Our Search for a Solution 

When I put my mind to a problem and feel that passion stir, I can’t sleep or think about anything else until I piece together a solution. I documented case studies and clinical trials. Spoke with a microbiologist, and a chemistry teacher, as well as an IP attorney who specializes in chemical formulations, some executives at a manufacturing laboratory, a formulation chemist, and a surgeon. I bounced ideas off my husband/business partner. I experimented with products on myself and my family.  Most importantly, I talked to God about this obsession, as He knows me best. 

My husband and I decided to formulate a response in the form of a hand cleanser that is easy to use, moisturizing, and leaves hands feeling soft, safe and protected. 

The Journey of COMPEL 

compel co-founders Tricia & Chad

I (Tricia) am a problem-solver. I am a researcher and life-long learner. I also, admittedly, have a tendency to think almost everything is fascinating. Because it is!

My husband Chad is a mechanical engineer that is in denial about his penchant for marketing. When I finally convinced him that COMPEL could really make a difference, he turned his mechanical design talent toward branding COMPEL. As an engineer, he makes things make sense. Turns out that’s exactly what branding accomplishes! He designed the logo and chose the colors. He’s also better at formulations than I am. The number and characteristics of the batches we developed is another story. 

The Reason Behind COMPEL

As I looked back over my journal that first week of this journey, I noticed I had written, “I feel compelled” several times. I am compelled to protect my kids, my extended family, and my neighbors. I am compelled to protect our friend working construction, because I am worried about what he’s bringing home to his family. I want to protect the UPS driver delivering all my experimental supplies, the cashiers at the grocery store, the essential workers on the frontlines, the employees working in or returning to a situation full of uncertainty. Hence the name COMPEL, and my mission.

“I am compelled to offer a solution to protect the people whose work is essential.” -Tricia Ringer

How about you?  How are you responding? 

Are you compelled to protect? #whatareyoucompelledtodo