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A lot has changed as a result of the pandemic. One thing is certain, we are much more aware of the germs and cleanliness of the surfaces around us. How often does your staff have to clean high-touch surfaces inside a vehicle? Or do your customers have to navigate the protective plastic as much as they navigate the test drive? More importantly, are you able to assure your customers they are getting into a vehicle that is protected against germs and bacteria? With COMPEL, you can offer a higher level of clean. Whether you work at a car dealership or work in car detailing, with COMPEL, you can offer a disinfecting service that will save time and money, adding value to your business. 

What sets COMPEL apart from other cleaning products is our all-natural, odorless formula. You do not have to worry about returning a vehicle that smells of chemicals or sacrifice the new car smell that so many customers enjoy in order to provide a safe, clean vehicle.  The long lasting activity provided by our products allows you to set yourself apart by providing a higher level of clean to those who entrust their vehicle decisions with you. 

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  • Quick-kill of germs
  • Long-lasting antimicrobial activity
  • PROVEN effective against bacterial, viral, and fungal microorganisms
  • FDA-registered, patent pending
  • Moisturizers prevent cracking of skin and surfaces
  • Safe, simple formula with all-natural ingredients
  • Color-free with no lingering odor

Check out our Science page to learn more about our unique formula.


We know just how hard it can be to keep high-touch surfaces clean. Luckily, with COMPEL, we are able to provide you with a feeling of clean confidence. Not only is our formula all-natural and green, but with our formula you don't have to worry about a strong chemical smell. COMPEL provides longer term protection and durability to ensure that your surfaces remain protected and require less time and money to clean. 

We are sure you are carefully managing the COVID-19 protocols in your dealership, but if you like to check the box, you can find a checklist here.

COMPEL is the solution to keep your customers protected.