As anyone in the medical and veterinary sciences knows, dangerous pathogens are everywhere, especially on surfaces we touch.  COMPEL’s germ management products provide clean confidence for your human and non-human patients by offering an innovative, effective, and eco-friendly solution that is safe for skin and surfaces. COMPEL provides a durable response, or a long-lasting clean that saves you time and money. 

As healthcare and veterinary professionals, you are familiar with the effective combination of chlorhexidine and ethyl alcohol, as it has been used for decades in medicine. What makes COMPEL unique?  It is a formula that is safe for skin and surfaces, demonstrating the same durable response on surfaces in your waiting rooms, offices, exam rooms, and surgical suites.  The moisturizing ingredients in COMPEL protect skin and vinyl, as well as hard surfaces without leaving a greasy residue. The long lasting activity provided by our products means less time and money spent cleaning while offering the highest level of safety to your patients and your staff.


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  • Quick-kill of germs and odors
  • Long-lasting antimicrobial activity
  • PROVEN effective against bacterial, viral, and fungal microorganisms
  • FDA-registered, patent pending
  • Moisturizers prevent cracking of skin and surfaces
  • Safe, simple formula with all-natural ingredients
  • Color-free with no lingering odor

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We know just how hard it can be to keep high-touch surfaces clean. Not only is our formula safe and eco-friendly, you don't have to expose yourself or your staff to multiple chemicals. COMPEL provides longer term protection and durability to ensure that your surfaces remain protected and require less time and effort to clean. 

COMPEL is the solution to keep your space protected.

“I am compelled to utilize strict standards and best scientific methods in the generation of data, while always maintaining highest integrity.” 
- Daniel Briere, COMPEL's Senior Research Scientist and Microbiologist