Nick Lee NCAA champion, Penn State wrestling

It’s difficult to imagine an environment more conducive to germs and bacteria than combat sports, such as wrestling, football and martial arts.

Close, consistent body contact, warm and humid air, and damp surfaces make it a virtual breeding ground. COMPEL tackles the centuries-old challenge of skin infections that the combat sports community faces every day.

COMPEL reinforces athlete hygiene while offering a new, effective solution that is safe for both skin and surfaces. COMPEL gives you and your athletes a fighting chance!

More time on the mat

  • Mat & equipment cleaner that is safe for skin.
  • Long-lasting clean leaves skin sanitary for hours.
  • Powerful formula leaves surfaces sanitary for days.
  • Moisturizers prevent mats from cracking and wearing out.

Stress-free skin checks

  • Dermatologist Recommended.  Safe, natural ingredients.
  • Ethyl alcohol + chlorhexidine = a solution that works even after it dries.
  • Humectants and emollients maintain the natural skin barrier function.
  • Easy to apply and keeps athletes feeling protected for hours.

Clean Confidence

  • Athletes battle skin infections as much as their opponents. 
  • Countless victories achieved and dollars spent, but it all comes down to the condition of their skin on the day the tournament. 
  • COMPEL is the ONLY solution that cleans skin AND surfaces safely and effectively.

    Coaches are assured that mats and equipment are truly clean.
    Athletes compete with confidence knowing their skin is truly healthy.

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COMPEL is the solution to keep athletes on the mat

“Skin infections shouldn’t be a wrestler’s #1 opponent. COMPEL’s solution is your team’s formula for healthy skin and clean, safe surfaces. Leave your battles for the mat.” 

- Pat Dowty, High School Wrestling Coach