The Problem

COMPEL Rinse-Free Hand Cleanser
COMPEL Rinse-Free Hand Cleanser

The Solution

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What customers are saying about COMPEL

Compel is so easy to apply and offers no-nonsense protection. With so many other products having overwhelming added fragrances or leaving my hands feeling sticky, Compel does the job it's supposed to do without any other hassles. 

Geoff Z., age 35

Compel is great! Love the product. Goes on quick and easy with no residual feeling. No odors. I feel more comfortable knowing that my hands having longer lasting protection against all the bugs we encounter during our day. I now carry Compel in my pocket everyday.

Mike H., age 60

I have very soft, sensitive skin, so I’m always cautious when it comes to trying new products.
After using Compel consistently, my hands still feel soft, and there has been absolutely no adverse skin reaction. Compel smells clean, and works very well. I do like the pump on the bottle for easy use. Thank you!

Shawna B.

If you are concerned about germs and you are tired of continually using sanitizer, then you need Compel.
Being able to feel safe and only having to apply it twice a day is great.
Compel is a blessing in a time of need.

Don C., Engineer

Compel is a great product, have enjoyed using it and have recommended it to a few friends, too!

Cristina V., age 21

I love Compel! My hands are always dry and cracked from the hot Arizona sun, but Compel doesn't burn the way other hand cleansers do. It has no smell and leaves my hands feeling super smooth!

Madison S., age 20

We are compelled...

We are compelled to protect our family, friends, and neighbors. We are compelled to protect essential workers as we don't know what they are bringing home to their families. We are compelled to provide a long-lasting solution that will leave your hands feeling safe, soft, and protected. We are compelled to deliver products that are honest, effective, and bring value to our customers. 

And you?

We would love to hear about you, and who you feel compelled to protect!

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