Congratulations 2X NCAA National Champion and Compel Ambassador Nick Lee!


What COMPELS us is to make the best solution we can that is safe for skin and surfaces. We use the best ingredients in the world, for the world.

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“Absolute Confidence”

Clean and Protected. No scent. No foam. No color. We focus on leaving SKIN and SURFACES sanitary for HOURS.

Nick Lee - Penn State's first five-time All-American, 2022 NCAA National Champion, 2022 Big Ten Champion, 2021 NCAA National Champion, 2020 Olympic Team Qualifier, Indiana State Champion, Cadet and Junior Freestyle National Champion

COMPEL ambassador Nick Lee - 2022 Penn States first 5 time All American, 2022 Big Ten Champion, 2021 NCAA National Champion,  2020 Olympic Team Qualifier, Indiana State Champion, Cadet and Junior Freestyle National Champion

Customers love using COMPEL

Skin infections shouldn't be a wrestler's opponent. COMPEL's solution is your team's formula for healthy skin and clean, safe surfaces. Leave your battles for the mat.

Pat Dowty, Wrestling Coach

Compel is so easy to apply and offers no-nonsense protection. With so many other products having overwhelming added fragrances or leaving my hands feeling sticky, Compel does the job it's supposed to do without any other hassles. 

Geoff Z.

Compel has been a game changer for us because now we have this safe, all-natural product that we can use on our hands, on surfaces and have a clean building.

BJ, Executive Minister at Mt. Gilead Church

My son spilled a milkshake in the backseat of my car. The only cleaning product I had was COMPEL. Since I knew COMPEL could be used on surfaces, I put some on a napkin and used it to wipe up the mess. I was very pleased to see after the spot dried that there was no sticky residue or staining. Based on my experience, my advice to moms everywhere is to carry COMPEL!

Ginger L.

I was so excited about the fact that I could keep all the dancers safe while they were here. Using Compel one time and it would be good all through their entire class!

Julie B., Owner of A Time To Dance Studio

I have very soft, sensitive skin, so I’m always cautious when it comes to trying new products.
After using Compel consistently, my hands still feel soft, and there has been absolutely no adverse skin reaction. Compel smells clean, and works very well. I do like the pump on the bottle for easy use. Thank you!

Shawna B.

If you are concerned about germs and you are tired of continually using sanitizer, then you need Compel.
Being able to feel safe and only having to apply it twice a day is great.
Compel is a blessing in a time of need.

Don C.

As a teacher, it's easy to come in contact with germs. I'm so thankful to have a bottle of COMPEL on my desk!  Not only does it cleanse and moisturize my skin, but it provides a barrier of protection for hours.  COMPEL gives me peace of mind.

Julie B, Elementary Music Teacher

I love Compel! My hands are always dry and cracked from the hot Arizona sun, but Compel doesn't burn the way other hand cleansers do. It has no smell and leaves my hands feeling super smooth!

Madison S.


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