Everything you need to know about COMPEL 

What is COMPEL?

COMPEL is an advanced skin cleanser used to keep hands feeling soft and healthy. COMPEL uses ingredients that effectively protect the skin from germs when added to your hand hygiene regimen or when soap and water are not available. COMPEL’s liquid formula goes on easily, dries quickly and contains moisturizers that support your skin’s natural barrier to bacteria, fungi, and viruses.

How is COMPEL used?

COMPEL is used to promote a safe and healthy confidence for work and leisure environments. It is the perfect complement to hand hygiene protocols. Simply apply two times each day or more if desired.

How is COMPEL applied?

COMPEL’s solution is non-irritating and effective when applied to the hands. Pump enough COMPEL into the palm of your hand so that when rubbed together, your hands are completely covered and remain wet for at least 15 seconds. Rub until dry.

Is COMPEL going to dry out my skin?

One of the ingredients in COMPEL is gluconolactone. It is a moisturizer called a humectant that is often found in lotions and creams. It keeps skin hydrated. Lauramine Oxide is an emollient that fills in the gaps, making skin feel smooth without a greasy residue. As the alcohol evaporates, the moisturizing ingredients get to work. They support your body’s frontline defense against germs: your skin.

How does COMPEL compare to alcohol-based hand sanitizer?

Alcohol-based hand sanitizer is an effective germicide, but it stops working (killing germs) when it dries. COMPEL’s combination of 65% ethyl alcohol and 2% chlorhexidine means that the alcohol kills quickly, and while it evaporates, the chlorhexidine binds to the skin and nails, providing long-lasting action against germs.

Is COMPEL effective against fungal and viral microorganisms too?

The combination of ethyl alcohol and chlorhexidine gluconate demonstrates activity against a broad spectrum of microorganisms found on our skin that may lead to infection.

How much COMPEL should I use and how often?

Pump enough COMPEL into your cupped palm to thoroughly cover your hands and remain wet for 15 seconds. Pay special attention to your nails and between your fingers as though you were washing your hands. Remember that the germ-fighting action lasts for hours. We recommend to apply COMPEL twice daily for effective activity, while practicing your normal hand-washing routine.

What about resistance?

The term “resistance” primarily refers to antibiotic drugs that require days and daily doses to fight bacterial infections. The “quick kill” of alcohol and the persistent activity of chlorhexidine gluconate reduces the time needed for bacteria, fungi, and viruses to develop resistance.

How do I know it’s safe?

COMPEL is formulated with an organic compound and plant-based, food-grade, ECOCert Approved products. All ingredients are resolved within the FDA registration database. Ring-Co Health FDA registration: CPIS #1152362

Does COMPEL kill COVID-19?

COMPEL contains 65% ethyl alcohol, which is the recommended amount from the CDC regarding COVID-19. To learn more about the CDC recommendations, click here

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