Learn More About COMPEL

COMPEL by Ring-Co Health, LLC

The germ management solution that keeps working after it is applied!

COMPEL is all about the people and being intentional when it comes to innovation, relationships, and well-being. 


COMPEL was created with the intention to safely and effectively clean skin and surfaces. Our founders are compelled to make a difference, and that mission leads to the continued development of our products. 


Your well-being is our number one priority. Our products are offered in a variety of sizes and methods of application to accommodate
all lifestyles and needs. 


The COMPEL journey is all about taking action. Our orange color shows that COMPEL is safe, effective, and protective. Like safety orange! 


COMPEL Ingredients

 COMPEL is made of ethyl alcohol, a plant-based, food-grade alcohol that is sourced from Indiana cornfields. The combination of ethyl alcohol and chlorhexidine makes our formula effective and persistent. 


Chlorhexidine's disinfectant and antiseptic properties provide prolonged action against germs, as it binds to the skin and nails. We are compelled to provide long-lasting solutions to keep your hands feeling protected for hours after application.