Meet the COMPEL Team

The Founders of Ring-Co

Tricia Ringer: ceo & co-founder

Tricia Ringer Co-Founder and CEO of COMPEL hand cleanser for long lasting hand hygiene on the go

Tricia is an experienced entrepreneur of 17 years where she has transitioned from academia to sole proprietor of an interpretation business with successful launches within the medical, university, professional development, and legal sectors. Accomplished in market analysis, Tricia identifies customer needs and solves customer problems.

Her tireless search for a solution to the current hand hygiene issue is the foundation of COMPEL and our products. Her writing versatility enables content creation from technical writing to storytelling of customer experiences. She is also responsible for the legal formation and financial foundation of Ring-Co Health LLC. Tricia's ability to bring ideas to life by bringing value to her customers makes her the face of Ring-Co.


Chad Ringer: president & co-founder

Chad Ringer Co-Founder and President of COMPEL hand solution for hand hygiene on the goChad is a proven team leader and innovator, with 1 Innovation of the Year (Farm Industry News) and 3 Product of the Year (No-Till Farmer) awards, and a total of 21 patents. His experience stretches the entire product development process of vehicle design within the agricultural, construction, trucking and precision guidance industries. He can quickly analyze a problem or opportunity and form a detailed and scripted strategic plan to solve the problem and bring value to the end user.

Chad's experience with startups has allowed him to establish a competent vendor base and establish foundational systems for functional and efficient business. His ability to to quickly turn the ideas of a team into a detailed and scripted strategic plan, is a major driver in the development and launch of COMPEL. As an owner of Ring-Co Health LLC, he functions as the creative engine that sparks new ideas, plans, and strategies.

A Word About “Confidence”

We are living in frightening times.  While my husband Chad and I work to restore confidence and peace of mind through our products, they are only a solution, not the solution. So whether you think we’re crazy or ingenious for doing what we do, know that we care because “Christ’s love compels us.” (2Corinthians 5:14a, NIV)

If you’re struggling with anxiety, depression, or a lack of purpose and peace, please speak with a medical professional.  Our prayer is that you will also reach out to the Great Physician.  (Psalms 103: 2-5).