Watch My Mouth!

So many eff-words

Chad and I embarked on quite an adventure at the end of March, beginning of April 2020.  Developing a product is difficult and bringing it to market is a roller coaster, but even I am surprised at how my vocabulary has changed.  I have never in my life used so many eff-words.

Chad and I put great effort into designing a formula.  Ours was an earnest, strenuous attempt to discover the correct ratios and combinations of moisturizers to bring about the desired effect.  What is that effect?  Maintaining the skin barrier function, which guards against germs that may cause infection.


Is COMPEL effective?  We knew that the ingredients we chose were adequate to accomplish a purpose on their own or in other cosmetic or personal care products.  But the combination of ingredients (aka chemistry) must be effectual, that is, all must work well together to produce the intended effect.  If the ratios aren’t perfect, the ingredients will effectually break, or to all practical purposes, fall out of solution.

 Research, trial and error and Providence allowed us to manufacture a product that works as intended…and then some!  We put our formula through the ringer!  Literally.  The entire Ringer (and Powell!) family tried a variety of formulas.  When Chad and I would create a version we liked, we’d ask research scientist and microbiologist, Dan Briere, MA to test it on skin.  The agar plates (petri dishes) tell the story.  See proven results here!

Once our efficacy testing determined that COMPEL was producing the intended effect of cleaning and moisturizing hands, we began testing surfaces like computer keyboards, game controllers, refrigerator handles, effectively enough high-touch surfaces to adequately accomplish the purpose of testing. 


Is COMPEL efficient?  For a new product to be a hit, it must be quick and easy to use while performing in the best possible manner.  We packaged the formula in a variety of sizes with each one intentionally filling a need.  The 10ml is small enough to fit in a pocket, wallet purse or small compartment.  The 30ml fits nicely in a purse or center console of a vehicle.  The 100ml is sized just right for traveling and sits neatly on a desk. The 250ml with a pump is our “share” size and is perfect for table or countertop. Our family keeps a bottle in the kitchen to apply right before running out the door. I can tell you this process is efficient, providing the least waste of time and effort! Buying in bulk “packs” also saves money and our industrial gallon allows for an economical refill of each of those convenient sizes.


Is COMPEL cost-effective?  This question, in the minds of many, translates to “Is it expensive?” “Expensive” is a subjective term and does not answer the question which seeks to determine whether a product produces optimum results for the expenditure. 

COMPEL saves time by applying only twice per day in comparison to applying hand sanitizer and washing hands multiple times per day.  It helps customers avoid dry, itchy skin reducing the need for lotion.  On surfaces, the long-lasting function of COMPEL ensures that one application is efficacious, or capable of having the desired protective effect. It is safe, consisting of six simple ingredients, each of which is “resolved” or recognized by the FDA through the VRCP Program. 

While COMPEL has cleaned up everything but my language, I hope you’ll agree with my effable, or expressible interjection:  a safe cleanser that is effective and efficient?  Now that’s an eff-bomb!

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