Travel-Ready Checklist: Camping

Are you hitting the road this summer?
Traveling across the country? 
Planning close-to-home getaways because the cost of gas is comparable to an all-inclusive luxury resort?
We’ve got you covered no matter your level of adventure this season!

Whether glamping or roughing it, there are essentials to keep in mind:

  • Sleeping bags
    These guys are helpful but seldom used. When taken out of storage, wash with a ¼ cup of COMPEL to rid them of unwanted odors and microscopic guests.  Dry thoroughly before packing or storing.  Don’t have time or washing machine capacity?  Lay sleeping bag flat and thoroughly spray with COMPEL.  Allow it to air-dry, then flip it over and repeat.  Super Tip: Do this at the end of each season for sleeping bags that are fresh and clean for the next adventure!

  • Air mattress
    OK, so maybe this is a luxury item for some.  They still tend to collect some not-so-luxurious germs (think mold & mildew). Spray COMPEL Safeguard onto a microfiber cloth and wipe down the surface of the mattress.  Super Tip: Inflate mattress with dry air like a pump or hair dryer (don’t blow them up with your breath!) to avoid the moisture and growth of microbes inside the mattress.
  • Tent
    I love the clean, exciting promise of a freshly set up tent.  Problem is, it doesn’t stay clean for long. You can be camping in the middle of summer and somehow dead leaves will be scattered throughout your tent 3.7 seconds after pitching it.  If you have an old tent that smells musty, spray COMPEL on suspect surfaces and wipe down with a microfiber cloth.  If you have a new tent (with that lovely new-tent-smell), do the same to discourage that musty smell.  You WILL track in fungus.  It's a given. Super Tip: Didn’t bring a mop? (Slacker.) Simply spray COMPEL on the floor of your tent and sweep.  You’ll clean up the debris and sanitize the floor for hours.
  • Coolers
    That time when you spontaneously decided to have everyone over for a bonfire and thought, “I’ll just throw everything we need in the cooler and head to the bonfire,” then realize that everything you threw into the cooler last time you had a bonfire is still there. Or at least the cooler smells like it’s still there.  How to remove the pungent scent of hot dog juice?  Wash the cooler-inside and out (yes, the outside too.) with soap and water.  Spray down with COMPEL and wipe with a microfiber cloth.  Super Tip:  Does it still smell like soggy buns and ketchup?  Spray COMPEL (generously) into the cooler and quickly shut the lid.  Allow it to “soak” for about 5-10 minutes then wipe down and air dry. Repeat if necessary. 

  • Camp chairs
    Whether metal, plastic, or fabric, folding chairs can provide storage for more microorganisms than your rooftop cargo box does for your luggage. Remove from the carrying bag (if you’re one of those organized campers that keep the bags for the folding chairs) and unfold.  Brush off any debris then spray down with COMPEL.  Be sure to remove dirt from the feet of the chair.  Allow the chair to air-dry and spray down the storage bag as well.  Ensure that the chair is clean and dry before folding and returning it to the bag.  Super Tip:  Do this at the end of each season for chairs that are fresh and clean for the next adventure!

  • Portable stovetops
    How convenient! The little propane stoves work perfectly for breakfast on those mornings when the firewood is damp with dew.  But the grease and spatter?  Those wet wipes don’t cut it.  Clean off the large bits of food and oil with a paper towel.  Wet another paper towel with a bit of water and spray with COMPEL.  Cuts right through the grease and makes clean up sooo much easier the next time you use it!!  Super Tip:  Rub COMPEL onto the (cool) stovetop before cooking to make cleanup quicker.  Do NOT spray or wipe COMPEL onto a hot surface or heating element. Don't be that guy!

  • RVs
    Maybe you read through the tent and portable stovetop sections and just chuckled because you have a big, beautiful recreational vehicle! We can keep it just between us, but I know a little secret about RVs.  (Whispering) They get dirty, too. Keeping COMPEL stocked in your cute little pantry means you don’t have to fill that treasured storage space with other cleaners.  More room for s’mores supplies!  Super Tip:  RVs are a mold and mildew magnet.  Using a gallon pump sprayer, apply COMPEL to the outside of the vehicle, allow it to sit for five minutes, scrub with a gentle brush and rinse with water. 

Enjoying the outdoors is a dirty job.  That’s one of the reasons we enjoy it.  While not a clean freak, I am keenly aware of the unseen bits of nature that I pick up and haul out whether I’m tent camping or taking a hike.  Instead of feeling frustrated or overwhelmed, hit the easy button by grabbing some COMPEL and have a great time on your adventure! 

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