• Ode to Ethyl

    Ethyl, my dear,  I’ve had my eye on you, but you only have ears for me. Let’s meet up somewhere romantic, like a local distillery. I just know that...
  • Emollient? Think Coconut Smoothies

    Your skin tells so much about you: your hydration level, whether or not you use sunscreen regularly, even your age. Your skin's appearance, however, can be deceiving. Dry skin resulting from lack of hydration, frequent hand washing and the use of alcohol-based hand sanitizer or harsh chemicals can make your skin look old and unhealthy.
  • Humectants: A Friend to Your Skin

    I (Tricia) formulated the base components in the COMPEL recipe, while my husband and co-formulator, Chad, did most of the research for the moisturizers. If I wanted to understand the source and use of the ingredients he chose, I had some catching up to do! Here's what I learned about humectants.