Chances are at one point or another you have dabbled in the game of soccer. In the US, over 3 million kids participate in soccer every year with that number on the rise (usyouthsoccer.org). Usually, soccer is the first sport that parents choose to put their kids in. When my mom put me in soccer for the first time she was unaware of all of the other factors that now play into her life and mine. She was soon introduced to injury, infection, sacrifice of time, and so much more. Even health risks associated with contact sports like soccer, are no reason to keep your kid from making lifelong memories and potentially developing a new passion. 

Good News

Yes, it's easy to hear about health risks and immediately want to put your (shin) guard up... haha. But the good news is that there are simple solutions.
Sweat can buildup around your shin guard area, and socks. After practices and games, taking proper care of the shin guards and socks can easily protect your skin from risk of infection or other skin vulnerabilities. Using COMPEL on your shin guards will keep them sanitary for multiple hours after application.
Washing your practice clothes, uniform, socks, etc. with your normal detergent plus a quarter cup of COMPEL after games and practices will eliminate the odor and remove germs that may be hiding within the fabric.

Better News 

If you or your player are already too familiar with skin infection, heat rashes, ringworm, athlete's foot, etc, it's not too late! You can apply COMPEL directly to the skin to begin healing the natural skin barrier so it is better prepared to guard against infection.

Try COMPEL out today and live out your soccer mom (or player) GOALS!! 

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