Compelling Solution for Smelly Pets

Compelling Solution for Smelly Pets

We love them but, man, sometimes our little fur-babies stink!  (Now I have Phoebe’s “Smelly Cat” song stuck in my head.)  I’ve researched why dogs roll in dead or otherwise rank things.  Someone suggested that it’s behavior that reflects their ancestry; kind of a billboard that says, “Hey!  I found food!”  You’d think that, if their sense of smell is so much stronger than ours, it would stink exponentially more and they’d want to avoid it.  Take a skunk for example.  That smell basically overwhelms an animal’s sense of smell to the point it’s almost painful.

It was that very reason a friend of mine grabbed COMPEL.  A baby skunk had sprayed her directly in the face and out of desperation, she blindly grabbed the bottle, pumped some out and wiped it onto her face.  She and her husband were amazed.  He tells me that it took 99% of the smell away immediately and that they’d never seen (smelled) anything like it!  Musk is made up of cells that, like oil, has a lipid layer that the ingredients in COMPEL are able to break down.  This is the same way bacterial and viral cells are disabled.  I shouldn’t have been surprised because I understand the science but it still floors me. 

Then there are the times our pets leave us stinky gifts.  We’re house-training a puppy and while she knows she’s supposed to do her business outside, she still forgets to ring the bell or let us know that she needs to go outside.  After picking up the “accident,” (It wasn’t an accident.  She pooped right where she was aimin’.), I spray COMPEL Safeguard on the vinyl floor and wipe with a paper towel.  If it’s urine or if she went on the rug, I pick or soak up as much as possible then spray with COMPEL and use a gentle bottle brush to scrub the product into the fibers without damaging them.  Blot with a paper towel or air dry.  COMPEL removes the odor and is fragrance-free, so when it dries, there won’t be the chemical smell or flowery attempt to mask the stench that other products leave.

So whether your pet has rolled in something dead, gifted you its latest catch, or just got caught out in the rain, grab a bottle of COMPEL Armor or Assure.  Pump or spray it onto your hands and wipe it into their fur and onto their skin.  Keep it away from their eyes (it’ll burn) and nose (makes them sneeze).  If there’s no way you’re putting your hands on whatever that funk is, spray COMPEL onto the source of the stench and let it sit there for a few minutes.  You can put COMPEL into a sprayer and “hose” down the reeking animal.  It works like a dry or wet shampoo so you can either let it sit on the stench and work its magic or pour a ½ cup into a tub of water and give your stinky baby a b-a-t-h. 

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