Beat the Heat....Rash

I've always been a big advocate for the warmer months. The hotter the better in my opinion. One thing I had always been lousy at during the summer is staying properly hydrated. I step outside and feel the nice warmth of the sun on my skin, but it isn't too long before I begin to feel exhausted and thirsty. Apparently this isn't all too uncommon throughout the U.S.

The Stats

Every summer throughout the U.S. there are 600 deaths as a result from heat stroke or heat exhaustion. Alongside that there are 28,000 hospitalizations correlated with a heat illness. Bottom line... the heat is no joke. Staying hydrated is one thing, but maintaining hydration is another. 

Our Skin

Whenever we sweat we are losing body fluids to try to cool down and return the body back to its original temperature. Unfortunately, if you are not properly hydrated, your body eventually runs out of places to take water from and has no way of cooling down. This may result in heat rash, exhaustion, stroke, etc.

So how does moisturizing and COMPEL play into all of this? The outermost layer of your skin, called the stratum corneum, is made of dead skin cells called corneocytes, stacked like bricks. Fats called lipids act like mortar. This cellular "brick wall" helps to keep the moisture locked inside your cells. The trouble is that the moisture-locking system doesn't always work as well as it should. Skin can get dehydrated if the cells underneath the barrier lose too much water. When the water content inside the cells decreases, the cells become shriveled. As a result, The skin may look dull, lose its luster, and fine wrinkles can be more noticeable. When heat is brought into the equation we also begin to see rashes and other skin irregularities. COMPEL works to maintain and protect that barrier by keeping the water inside the cell. It can do this with its ingredients such as humectant which pulls water from the air to keep the cells hydrated and emollients which add softness to the skin. So staying hydrated is actually a two step battle. Getting hydrated and maintaining hydration through moisturization. By adding COMPEL into your summer regimine you can take measures to avoid heat induced skin infection, or irregularities so that you don't become one of the 28,000. Try yours today!! 

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