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Life is unpredictable, so we wanted to develop a product that people knew they could always rely on. COMPEL’s germ management products make cleaning a problem of the past, by offering an innovative, green, and effective solution that is safe for skin and surfaces. COMPEL is a solution that requires less cleaning, less often, while providing a durable response. 

COMPEL's formula uses proven ingredients for effective, lasting treatment of surfaces while being safe for skin. The long lasting activity provided by our products allows you to feel comfortable visiting the places you enjoy while spending time with the people you love without worrying about the environment around you.

COMPEL in Action

Custodians love how much time COMPEL saves them while they're on the job and purchasing executives love the safe, all-natural product being used to clean both hands and surfaces.


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COMPEL features 

  • Quick-kill of germs
  • Long-lasting antimicrobial activity
  • PROVEN effective against bacterial, viral, and fungal microorganisms
  • FDA-registered, patent pending
  • Moisturizers prevent cracking of skin and surfaces
  • Safe, simple formula with all-natural ingredients

Check out the Science page to learn more about our unique formula.


COMPEL on the skin

Constantly using harsh chemicals while you clean negatively impacts the health of your skin. COMPEL's all-natural germ management solution keeps your hands feeling moisturized and smooth while providing the clean confidence you deserve. 

COMPEL for your surfaces

From office surfaces to gym equipment to pews at your local church COMPEL keeps your surfaces protected long after it dries with it's proven germ-fighting ingredients. 


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